2 thoughts on “Visual Explanation of Encrypting Communication

  1. The colors analogy is a brilliant way to explain key exchange! I’ll probably use that.

    I wish I could just show people this video as is. It’s so tantalizingly close to perfect, yet it has some really frustrating flaws that mean I probably won’t ever send it to someone in lieu of making my own explanation.

    1. As the video maker notes, he keeps saying “42” instead of 46. I wish he’d re-recorded the audio. It’s too potentially confusing for someone who’s actually trying to understand a brand new concept.

    2. When showing the colors, he makes a leap that people who don’t know what’s going on will not make with him. He needs to *show* that the final color is a mix of all three original input colors. He never shows that directly. You have to stop and think. If someone’s trying to learn this anew, they may just get lost in a world of “handwave, he says it’s true, it must be true, I don’t need to understand why.”

    3. When introducing the functions, right after the color section, he moves waaaaaaay too fast. Either you already know everything he’s trying to show here, or you cannot possibly follow what he’s saying.

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